HUGE® Property Corporation

We've got you all figured out.


Danny L Harle is the CEO and founder of HUGE® Property Corp. Born and raised in North London, England, Danny took his passion for euphoric sound creation and turned it into a worldwide enterprise. Known for his unorthodox sales technique, Danny has been selling lifestyles for longer than he can remember. A meeting with Danny is an immersive experience like no other. He can make your dreams a reality - and vice versa! Danny is also experienced at introducing clients to new dreams that they didn’t even know they possess.*

Alongside making HUGE® decisions on a daily basis, Danny still spends the majority of his time at home with his beloved girlfriend and tiny cat in the domestic environment which is where “the real euphoria resides”.

*Danny is currently overrun with meetings and has no openings for the next 16 months.


HUGE® Property Corp CEO Danny L Harle's latest greatest sale was more than just a sale – it grew into a full-scale collaboration between two masterminds of sound and euphoria. The other half of this super natural duo was none other than Carly Rae Jepsen.

What started out as an exciting viewing at a HUGE® real estate opportunity, spun out into a celebration of the type of super natural human connection that Danny L Harle is renowned for.

With this sale firmly closed, read on at The Fader to hear more about what happened when Danny met Carly.


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@torturedsoul333: After @DannylHarle made my dreams a reality, I struggled to express my gratitude. But the CEO said "dont worry, its on the house" #HugeDanny

@JlnMgn: I'll Forever & Always Remember the Super Natural Broken Flowers which appeared In My Dreams after listening to Ashes of Love #HugeDanny

@dippysu: Your music will 'Forever' keep me 'Awake for Hours' each night. Don't know what I'd do 'Without You' @DannylHarle ! #HugeDanny

@d____p______: @DannylHarle I will 'Always Remember' the time I met #HugeDanny An experience I could only have imagined 'In My Dreams'!

@LuLouLudo: @DannylHarle #HugeDanny once retweeted and referenced my testimonial. A testiment to that testimonial. #TestimonialTestimonial

@JlnMgn: @DannylHarle watched my snapchats but didn't answer :( #HugeDanny

@IRCIRL: #HugeDanny made me forget how to speak english outside pop cosmos, 10/10 would be starstruck again

@bbbabysex: #HugeDanny en @Beats1 #thecandyshop con @charli_xcx me tiene super wet en el bus

@_pixieluna: Danny L Harle smiled in my general direction once, it was the best day of my life #HugeDanny

@DeeJayDetweiler: testimonials: #HugeDanny owes me a tshirt , i'm still waiting :)

@Cugatron: @DannylHarle saw #HugeDanny live last month in BK and when he played Supernatural I went to heaven and I still haven't come back

@bodyofmyown: @DannylHarle I'm disappointed, wanted a HUGE house in Pop City but they're so expensive! #HugeDanny

@swaglord_jay: @DannylHarle I had a dream i was against #HugeDanny on come dine with me once, his entertainment was sick and his portions were HUGE

@alliexxxxxandra: This guy has a HUGE talent for selling HUGE houses! He could sell me an oversized cardboard box and I'd buy it! #HugeDanny

@dylangarsee: Saw #HugeDanny once during SXSW and he was chillin with QT and Caroline from Chairlift and it was too much COOL for me to handle. @DannylHarle

@LuLouLudo: @DannylHarle HUGEST hi-five with #HugeDanny before your Sonar set. Never 5get Good hands, also.

@Bosleezy: peed next 2 #HugeDanny once, was too shook to say hi but then my boy engaged him about donk music in usa and I felt left out @DannylHarle

@mustard_ebooks: Completely Average House #HugeDanny @DannylHarle

@Sly_Ni: I once saw #HugeDanny devour Buckfast bottles like water before putting up with my photo requests. HUGE liver, even HUGER heart @DannylHarle

@JUpliftedDolphin: This likely happened to my daughter, @DannylHarle #HugeDanny

@Jasey6: @DannylHarle my experience with Danny has been nothing short of transcendent.

@cdgrom: Whenever I think of #HugeDanny, my life gets a little bit bigger and more extraordinary @DannylHarle

@sjon_orgasms: @DannylHarle i dont know #HugeDanny at all, but sounds like a pretty cool guy

@xmawer: My experiences with Huge CEO @DannylHarle have been hugely euphoric #HugeDanny

@JamesGurol: I've always felt small in the world, that was until I saw @DannylHarle and he gave me a #HugeDanny smile and sold me #HugeDanny house

@MaximeldXIV: I'm a smaller version of @DannylHarle #HugeDanny

@MattSauter: Once @DannylHarle told me a joke, which I told to my friends. They thought it was pretty ok, and I never gave him credit. Sorry #HugeDanny

@gaypepsi: @DannylHarle #HugeDanny sold me a beautiful house, every moment is a #ChampagneMoment

@fetus8: Well the one time I saw #HugeDanny play, I cried the whole time because it was perfect. I need 2 cry like that AGAIN

@jamesgdmn: #HugeDanny taught me to believe in love and stars again

@raveyspice: one time i shook Danny's hand after a gig and they were disarmingly soft #HugeDanny

@ujochi: My experiences with Danny have been good to quite very good #HugeDanny

@GFOTY: House music isn't for me but putting a house and a party in the mix realllllly got me feeling Like saying THANKS!!! #HugeDanny

@agcook404: I never knew my best friend would look this good in sandals #HugeDanny

@GFOTY: To put it in an innuendo. I'd do that house all over the house!!! #HugeDanny

@agcook404: No more homes on the market. Dan's a sellout! #HugeDanny

@agcook404: Makes tracks. Sells houses. That's all he ever does! #HugeDanny

@agcook404: As good as selling houses as he is at making tracks! #HugeDanny

@lildata: this guy could sell a house on fire! Buy him a soda before he burns his tongue! #HugeDanny

@agcook404: Now that's what I call house music! #HugeDanny

@agcook404: The housing market has seen nothing but huge drops since Danny arrived on the scene. #HugeDanny

@agcook404: This house ain't big enough for the both of us. #HugeDanny

@easyFun: Not even on Twitter but I love this chap! And I love house music! #HugeDanny